Many can contend that with the recent events, the pandemic, has made it impossible for businesses to thrive. Many of these businesses are run not only by men, but women as well.

While being a woman business owner during the pandemic isn’t for the fate of heart, there are women run businesses that are seeing the light of day. These businesses have enough workers, funds, and community approval. For example, there are businesses that fell through the cracks one moment, but now have picked up the pieces and started over.

There are ways to do your part in supporting women run businesses and this may sound steady but it is very confidently realistic. Here are six ways:

  1. Provide Social Media Support

    Not only using hashtags about the business, but also acknowledging them on their great service to the community on social media and posting why we should shop with them is useful. If it wasn’t for women run businesses, there would be a lack of diversity. So #ShopWomenOwned is the wise choice.

  2. Fund Women-Owned

    Sometimes women run businesses need the compassion of the public to provide inventory. By donating, it will not only provide the business with enough to sell, but they too can use the money they earned to pay their workers, while also accompanying the public’s interest.

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  3. Offer Your Experience & Mentorship

    There are a lot of non profits that help add value to women entrepreneurs. This is good because the upcoming generations are being inspired by many business women role models. Offer yourself as a mentor to women-owned entrepreneurs.

  4. Give A Review Or Words Of Encouragement

    It is great to show your appreciation of women run business by leaving a review on places like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and their websites. It is helpful for the businesses to know about your time at their establishment and how you enjoyed their products or services.

  5. Buying Power!

    Purchase from women run businesses! All businesses appreciate when they have customers. When women run businesses receive support, it makes them feel assured that the community believes in their venture.

  6. Start Your Own

    Many have aspired to run a business, but when a woman does it, it breaks the glass ceiling and help womankind surge forward. By starting your own business, you can leave an awesome mark on women of any age.


With how fast women are opening businesses, there is no telling what the future holds for us. The great majority of women run businesses need all the help they need. It is great that women are becoming the new face of entrepreneurship. This allows young girls to see that they can achieve anything while opening their own ventures.

If you would like to make a difference in a woman-owned business today, then please take the time to become a funder for De Vransy Apparel and our iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign. Please submit your contributions here.

Veronica Felipe
Tagged: Career Lifestyle