Comfort is a feeling that we know all too well. Comfort is peace, familiarity, confidence, security, and much more. Comfort plays a large role in our daily lives from the clothing we wear, the people we hang out with, t.v shows we watch, and even the food we eat. Comfort dictates a lot of our lives and is something we all deserve. 

My main goal with launching De Vransy Apparel was to provide style in comfortable clothing, but I have soon realized that my mission is beyond that. My mission is to help others find comfort in who they are and in who God created them to be. For me, comfort is God, myself, my home, my siblings, my parents, my friends, my favorite t.v shows, and my future. I love finding comfort and being at peace with myself and who God created me to be.

With De Vransy Apparel, I would like to extend this peace and comfort in the lives of every visitor, customer, and supporter. We all deserve to feel comfortable and at peace. My goal is to provide comfort and peace in every aspect in the lives of others. I believe that when we feel comfortable, we feel confident. I want you to feel confident and secure as you take on your day while fulfilling all your hopes and dreams.

Welcome to the De Vransy Magazine where we will discuss comfort in every aspect of our lives. From Faith, Beauty, Fashion, Skincare, Finance, Cooking, Dating, Marriage, we desire to find comfort, peace, and security in all avenues. With De Vransy Magazine, we will share tips in all areas for the much-needed peace that you deserve.

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November 19, 2020 — Marlina Dangervil
Tags: Lifestyle

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