The pandemic has earned people the right to be comfy. Though it seems like we are doing fewer things for ourselves than engaging in others, the virus has specifically made it possible to change your lifestyle.

Not intentionally drowning in doing activities that take too much time, but offers so much benefits. There are so many opportunities that keeps us busy and comfy at the same time.

The following are 10 comfy things you can do at home while avoiding the pandemic: 

    1. Knitting
Who says that knitting is boring? It keeps the fingers moving and puts the mind at ease, especially when you are trying to fight the loss of time.
2. Write In A Journal

Writing in a journal is therapeutic and easily a routine that anyone can do. It is something that is not only shared by one person.
3. Plant An Indoor Garden

Who says you can’t start a home garden? You can say that it is meditative and creative. 
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4. Eat Your Most Favorite Dessert

Eating your favorite dessert shouldn’t be shunned. Especially, when it is something like staying home, it is always best to keep yourself indulged. Why not indulge in a piece of chocolate cake?
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5. Take A Long Luxurious Bath

Surrendering to the soap and bubbles of a bath is never to be ignored because it is so relaxing that I am sure it is the best feeling ever!
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6. Cleaning

Clean your room/space, organize your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
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7. Crocheting

The age-old practice of crocheting is a relaxing and calm activity. Give it a try!
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8. Listening To A Mix Tape

Remember the time when a mix tape was cool? Why not forge forward and try Spotify? There you can make a music mix that anyone can be envious of.
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9. Doodling

There is a lot to say about doodling, not only is it something we have done as children, but it helps our creative mind.
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10. Attend A Virtual Concert

Watching our favorite artists and musical groups virtually saves us time and the drive, we can watch our favorite concerts on you tube even on the MTV network!
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So take it to step by step and try one of these comfy things to do! Just a simple leap is all you need!
May 28, 2021 — Veronica Felipe

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